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Fee Schedule

Fees & Charges
Effective Date: Monday, July 15th, 2024
30-Day Note Processing Fee $25.00
Account Closed (If Opened for Less than 90 days) $25.00
Account Research / Reconciliation Fee $20.00 per hour
ACH Origination Changes $5.00
ACH Origination Start Up Fees $15.00
ACH Overdraft Fee (per presentment) $5.00
ACH Return (per presentment) $10.00
ACH Stop Payment Fee $25.00
Bill Pay Excessive Usage Fee (Over 15 trans will have a per trans fee of) $0.30
Cashier's Checks $1.50
Check Cashing Fee to Members with Account Balances less than $50.00 or no activity within 30 days $3.00
Copies (per page) $0.25
Copies of Cleared Drafts (4 OR MORE) $1.00
Escheat Fee $100.00
Fax (per page) $0.50
Garnishment Fee $50.00
Land Contract Payment Fee $3.00
Liitle Pig Grow Big Early Withdrawal $25.00
Money Market / Share Account Over Transaction Limit Fee $25.00
Money Orders $0.75
Monthly Dormant Fee $5.00
Non-Member Notary Service $25.00
Member Notary Service $0.00
NSF Check Returned (Business) $5.00
NSF Check Returned (Individual) $5.00
OFAC Block Fee $25.00
Overdraft Fee (Per Draft) $5.00
Overdraft Return Fee (Per Draft) $10.00
Replacement Card (ATM/Debit/Visa) $5.00
Return Postage Fee $5.00
Starter Checks (2 Sheets FREE with new Share Draft Account) $0.00
Starter Checks (Sheet of 4) $1.00
Stop Payment Fee $25.00
VISA Gift Cards $3.00
VISA Travel Money Cards $5.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing) Domestic $15.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming) $5.00
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing) Foreign $35.00

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