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Reward Points
These are the points you need to redeem these items:
Reward TypeAmount of Points
Grocery Cash $1 value 500 points
1 Free Money Order 750 points
1 Free Cashiers Check 1000 points
CU Logo Mug 1500 points
.25% reduction in loan rate on new loan, excluding mortgages 2500 points
1 Box of Share Drafts 3500 Points
Buy one get one free Civic Theatre or Thunder Bay Theatre Ticket 3500 points
1 Fee $5 Value 1500 points
1 Fee $10 Value 2500 points
Sheet of 4 Starter Checks 500 points
Redeem your points for the above items! REWARD POINTS are earned on a monthly basis. You can earn more points by using these products and services:
ATM Card 25 points Debit Card 125 points
Credit Card 125 points Audio Banking 5 points
On-Line Banking 50 points E-Statements 50 points
Money Market 25 Mortgage 250
Equity Loan 100 All Other Loans 25 points

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